THE Clothing

Since we were there already, we checked out THE Clothing as well. A new brand that had just set up shop in Cubao X. THE pretty much reminds me of The Hundreds. From their shirt designs and collaborations with different local graffiti artists to the overall feel of their shop, everything was just so spot on, I swear Bobby Hundreds would be so proud or freaked out. Either way, it’s a good thing.










~ by Mean Streets Manila on September 18, 2009.

9 Responses to “THE Clothing”

  1. sick bro.

  2. available pa kaya ung king of hearts na vandals?? hahaha

  3. Just drop by their store or contact them through their multiply site man! peace!

  4. Woww.. thanks for the write up sir! Appreciate it.
    You pretty much captured our spirit. Thanks! Peace!

  5. Good looking gear.

    Some of the team from 7th V. will be in the motherland for a desperately needed RnR session.

    Where is this at? Might check ’em out

  6. It’s in Cubao X. near the bus station there and infront of the run down Rustan’s department store.

    Checked out your stuff, man. I really like your pieces. Hit us up when you guys visit Manila. Maybe we could do a little feature about your line.



  7. Awesome!!

    We will most definitely give you guys a holla when we’re around your way.

    Thanks for the support Kix!

    If you would like to do a feature of our line we would be more than enthusiastic for you guys to do so. Add us up on your blog roll if you like.

    If you guys require more information drop us an email on

    Speak to you soon


    – 7th V.

  8. Alright. I’ll just fix everything first. Will definitely do a little something soon. Peace!

  9. ask ko lang po if nag sponsor din kayo sa BMX?

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