Machong Art Mula sa mga Machong Artist: DIXXXIBIT

Machong Art Mula sa mga Machong Artist: DIXXXIBIT.

Our first little feature was suppose to be a visit to the ukay but we ended up in Cubao X. We didn’t really know why we went but we did anyway.  Cubao X was a shoe place before hence being formerly called Marikina Shoe expo. To this day, it still houses a few stores where you can buy different locally manufactured shoes.

Although remnants of the old Shoe expo still live on, the place has evolved into something more than just being a dumping ground of old shoe stock. Today it’s a venue for people to express themselves and one way or another go against the norm of conforming. The place reeks of unique finds. From laser discs of Eddie Murphy’s The Golden Child to Art Galleries to authentic Chinese vendors, you could find anything there. And I think there’s no better way of describing the place  and the high you get when you’re there than the way they put it in their blog:

Cubao Expo manages to get inside your skin in the most delicious way possible… no matter that it’s your first time, your fifth, your fiftieth… there’s always something new, something pleasant, something that the blues can’t live in too long, because everyone here seems to know each other, and like each other, and there’s just no pretending otherwise. The tenants/shop-owners of Cubao Expo are notoriously full of character – some more memorable than others, but isn’t that what makes a place tick?

Whatever the reason, going to Cubao Expo will leave an impression, one that you will want to study up-close with another visit, and another, again, and again, and again.

Our first stop was Pablo, an art gallery in Cubao X. Our friends CSJ and Mikki had some work up on display at the DIXXXIBIT show. It was pretty intense coz you could feel the macho vibe oozing out of every piece which the exhibit was pretty much all about.

Try to check it out if you get the chance. A lot of different artists and design houses joined, surely something worth you time. Spot the Paquito Diaz and FPJ piece by Team Manila. It sold even before the show opened! It was one of my favorite pieces apart from that of CSJ and Mikki’s of course.





I love Pussy…




~ by Mean Streets Manila on September 18, 2009.

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