Gravity Games: Longboard Freestyle Competition


The Gravity Games 2009 Freestyle event is back on!

Finally! After weeks upon weeks of negotiations and planning, we’re ready to fire it up again! Put on your dancing shoes (and helmet), grab your boards and get ready to shine on October 2. What better way to spend a Friday evening in October than in a super freestyle skate sesh with your friends plus thousands of onlookers and fans watching and cheering all around you!

Worried about the weather? Screw the weather! Fret not because we’ve decided to flip the rain gods the bird this time. That’s right. Just like Maverick did the Mig. You, my friends, will be freeing your style underneath a vast expanse of covered space also known as the TriNoMa Activity Center. Yes, this will be an indoor longboard event! The only thing raining on October 2 will be the praise and adulation as you land your gnarliest tricks under the bright,TriNoMa lights.

So mark your calendars. Practice those shove-its and cross-steps, and we’ll see you on October 2, 5pm – 9pm at the TriNoMa Activity Center.

for interested competitors, please refer back to for further details on the time the course will open for practice, requirements, and updated rules.


Here’s a video of Gerard Cancio and T.O. Cruz in skating around Singapore. Check it out!


~ by Mean Streets Manila on September 24, 2009.

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