Sonic Boom Shutdown

Its been awhile since I watched a gig. It’s usually because school gets in the way or line ups of the bands that play are pretty sketchy. I don’t remember the last time I went to one, actually. I think its been over a year or two since i watched a really awesome gig. And last night, could probably be the best one I went to ever.

It was pretty epic to see the local music scene come together and try to help out, in one way or another and get involved. Line up included bands such as Subscapular, Typecast, December Avenue, The Ambassadors,  Hilera, Urbandub and my new favorite band Beach Head.

Today, I think most of these bands will be at Mega Tent in Pasig. If you guys don’t have anything to do, entrance is a hundred or you can just donate to cover for it. All proceeds will be donated to the victims of Ondoy. Hope to see you there!




the happy side of punk The Ambassadors.


Steve of Typecast


Gabby Alipe of Urbandub



Beach Head!


~ by Mean Streets Manila on October 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sonic Boom Shutdown”

  1. thankin god above it’s so good to be alive

  2. wish i was there at the gig

  3. Free style!

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