Skate of the Nation


Sorry for keeping the blog dry the past few days. A lot of thing have been in the way  but rest assured were back. We hit up Skate of the Nation a few days ago. We’ve actually been meaning to write about them a long time already but we never found the time to drop by. Thank God, we finally did to get some bushings.

SONA’s pretty much a longboard shop.  It basically caters to longboarders who need really specific gear and stuff.


There, we saw Earthwing skateboards from NYC which caters mainly to sliders and has shifted towards the downhill speedboarding craze. Their most popular boards are the drifter, superglider and mystery model.


We also came across some Landyachtz boards which are made for the world’s best speedboarders. One of Canada’s best longboard manufacturers (along with Rayne and Kebbek), they hold their own by making the boards used by today’s world champions. Other popular brands sold in the shop are Loaded boards, Sector 9 and Gravity skateboards.



I found it cool too that they had Obey boards there. They were shortdecks though which I can’t do to save my life. They were nice to look at almost something I wanted to buy just cause the graphics were really nice.


~ by Mean Streets Manila on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Skate of the Nation”

  1. Like your blog man! (or men, guys, or kung ilan man kayo hehe) We like how you guys go around and feature different shops and stuff around the metro, and thanks for featuring us! Too bad I wasn’t around to talk to you guys at the shop, maybe next time then? Cheers and see you guys around! =)

    • Thanks brah! Hit us up if you guys have events or parties. We’d be glad to cover em. See you guys soon!

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