MeanStreetsManila presents: Portraits Lovin’ Saturday feat. Gabby Cantero

Portraits Lovin' Saturday!

MeanStreetsManila presents: Portraits Lovin’ Saturday!
21 Nov 09, 2PM, Salcedo Park, Makati
for more info email:,

An afternoon at the park shooting portraits of your friends!

Shooting portraits on a Saturday has become a staple for me & my friends. We’d usually meet up at my house, hang out for a bit then we start to shoot whatever that day’s theme was. We’ve done shoots in fields, in a makeshift home studio, in the rain & in the ever so trusty tennis court in my village. Our afternoons spent together also served as time for catching up with each other & that’s what makes it even more fun! I’d always ask my friends to bring some of their friends over, too, while I invite others as well. It’s a mix of people right there, which makes it more interesting. Imagine an afternoon of hanging out with your friends, meeting new people & having your photo taken by a bunch of awesome photographers!

I’d really love to share with you guys the fun that we have during these afternoons and what better way to show is by inviting you to one! The first open for all portrait session! Woohoo!

I do hope you go! Bring your friends and tell them to bring their friends, too!

Here are sets of what these sessions:

-Gabby Cantero


~ by Mean Streets Manila on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “MeanStreetsManila presents: Portraits Lovin’ Saturday feat. Gabby Cantero”

  1. Looking forward to meeting you guys 🙂

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