This is Hideout. I rarely visit the shop but I’m sure some of you sneakerheads would want to check the place out. It’s in Greenbelt 5 on the same floor as Greyone. Their stuff improved since the last time I visited so it wouldn’t hurt if you dropped by. They have the Day of the Dead Nike pack and Cassette Playa Dunk His.

Heard they were getting Guccis soon. If hi cuts are your thing you’ll probably like a couple of their stuff.


~ by Mean Streets Manila on November 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hideout”

  1. Hey guys first of all nice blog really nice to see someone taking care of the Manila scene 🙂 I’m doing the same for Germany hehe check my blog. I actually lived quite a while in the Philippines (and I’m half filipino) to work in film. If I get back to the Philippines I will be able to check out some of your recommendations on here ^^.


  2. Hey Chrishimself. Thanks for the support! Checked out your blog, pretty tight! Hit us up when you’re here, let’s do something! We’ll add you to our blogroll too!


  3. lol just say that right now sorry have to check this comments follow up tool thing. will add you guys to the blog roll and I’ll contact you guys if I’m in the PI

  4. *saw that I meant

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