Daylight Sessions

To everyone who came out to spend time under the sun, thank you very much. Hope to see you at the next one. I heard next time around there will be free beer and barbecue. I surely can’t wait or that. Cheers!

Sonny Thakur!

Edward Cullen!

For more photos please hit up Gabes’ new site here.


~ by Mean Streets Manila on November 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Daylight Sessions”

  1. this blog is sick. how did you guys find mine!? the pictures are on point. nice. was that a fixie i saw? they sell them over there!?

    pls follow my blog if you enjoyed it! thanks.

    • DUDE I’m a big fan of the blog!!! Those Visvims look really tight btw! Mind if I add you to the blog roll? And yes, After the longboard thing, people are starting to try fixies. Hit me up when you come and visit!

      -Kix of MSM

  2. of course.. add it to the blogroll! send me a logo 100×100 jpg. and ill add ur blog. this page is sick. and yea.. remember to click on the follow button on the right side.

    much appreciated.

    and.. yeah.. i gotta get back there! maybe march/april!

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