Style Check: The ‘Arneo’ with Martin Romero

Mean Streets Manila 025 20100129

You can’t really explain style. It’s in you and its just a matter of really knowing yourself. I’m not going to say you are what you wear but to some extent, you wear what feels comfortable relative to yourself. Anyone could wear what these kids are wearing but its how they carry themselves that make them stand out. It’s never about the Gucci or LV, kids. It’s about you. Photos were taken in a span of two days at random places in the ‘Arneo’. Mad props to Martin Romero for jumping into this project right away. Check out his stuff here. Watch out for this dude. He’s gonna be huge.

Mean Streets Manila 021 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 019 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 015 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 012 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 011 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 001 20100129

Mean Streets Manila 002 20100129
Mean Streets Manila 046 20100127

Mean Streets Manila 044 20100127

Mean Streets Manila 041 20100127
Mean Streets Manila 034 20100127

Thanks again Martin!

Sel Portrait


~ by Mean Streets Manila on January 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Style Check: The ‘Arneo’ with Martin Romero”

  1. I better get myself a pair of denim shorts and some (baggy) white tops! Haha oh hello martin

  2. […] check out the link on the picture below! Mike and I on MeanStreetsManila.Thank you, […]

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