Not Cool

Few days back, Greyone Social came out with an ad regarding an incident of theft in their store.

It was a campaign that just wanted to get a statement out. Thou shall not steal. Few days after pops up this poster:

Obviously badly shooped and hatin, it was rather crass and lame but it got a lot of heat from some kids.

My take on this: Bad publicity is still publicity so fuck what they say coz that definitely means you’re doing something great. And if you wanna hate, own up to the shit you’ll be putting out. The cultures about love and in a scene that is still struggling to get known, the people involved can’t afford drifts and feuds.

It’s all about peace, brahs.

Good vibes.


~ by Mean Streets Manila on February 19, 2010.

One Response to “Not Cool”

  1. Not Cool at all man!

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